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SMI's Structural Engineer provides consultation and design for a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from minor residential issues to large project development of municipal industrial and commercial buildings. SMI's Structural Engineering services include:

CONCRETE MATERIALS  Design and plan preparation of structures including, but not limited to, retaining walls, slabs on grade, structural slabs, beams, columns and underground storage tanks. Aside from poured concrete elements, other materials may include masonry, brick, and precast concrete. 

Steel DesignSTEEL DESIGN  Design and plan preparation of buildings and their elements including, but not limited to, roof purlins, beams, wall girts, columns, plates, and bolted and welded connections. Other steel design projects include jib and overhead crane support structures and elevated stands supporting mechanical equipment, silos, etc.

TIMBER/WOOD DESIGN  Design and plan preparation of buildings and their elements including, but not limited to, beams, headers, joists, studs, diaphragms, and shearwalls. Design includes both solid sawn wood members and engineered lumber.

FOUNDATION DESIGN  Design and plan preparation of foundations for buildings, heavy equipment, towers, etc. utilizing various footing types such as shallow spread footings and deep pile and pier footings. Design of foundations may include concrete, timber, and/or steel materials.

SUPERVISING PROFESSIONAL/ENGINEER OF RECORD  After completion of building design and plan preparation, the State of Wisconsin Department of Commerce (DOC) may require notification prior to construction commencement. This process, known as Project Registration, is required for most buildings with a volume exceeding 25,000 cubic feet. Additionally, if the building volume exceeds 50,000 cubic feet, most building plans must be ‘Submitted’ to the DOC for review and approval. Whether a project is ‘Registered’ or ‘Submitted’, the owner must have a Supervising Professional hired to properly design and prepare the plans per applicable building codes, and to then be available to supervise and inspect during the construction phase.

SMI's Structural Engineering projects include:
Industrial Expansions at:

Northern Labs
Burger Boat
Federal Mogul
Baileigh Industrial

Kohler Generator Plant

  Assembly Occupancies for:  

Capitol Civic Centre
TimeOut Sports Bar
Autumn Ridge Clubhouse
CNC Links Clubhouse

 Business Occupancies for:

Port Cities Animal Hospital
Manitowoc Public School Administrative Offices
Manitowoc Cranes Office Expansion
Manitowoc Marina Warehouse

For information on Structural Engineering projects contact Jeff Gordon:  or 920-684-5583 ext. 103

SMI's Structural Engineering Staff:
Jeffrey T. Gordon, MS, PE

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